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The Brains according to Claire ;-)

After having listened to Dr Gardner’s podcast (see reactions to previous post for the link) I looked up my assignment for LA1, in which we had to form recommendations for optimising effects of learning within our own educational environment – based on theories of learning and learning processes.

I started off with an explanation on how I believe the brains work (and found out that my theories is use were based on Gagne’s principles ;-)).

I like to tell my students that the brains are like a jukebox, which we want to fill with records that they can consult when they need that information. I tend to describe a setting where we are driving along Route 66 and stop at a diner. Not that I have ever been there…. but it does get the right picture 😉

The podcast reminded me of this because of that description. Dr Gardner discusses  the importance of the prior knowledge being correct, so as not tot start your students off on the wrong track.
I would like to add the necessity of the prior knowledge not only being correct, but also right for the specific context. Getting my students to picture a shiny red jukebox in an American diner actually helps, but has nothing to do with the subject matter of teaching effectively.
It is important that my students (Teachers-to-be) understand the importance of filling the records, keeping them clean (recycling the knowledge) and dancing to the music together every so often (collaborative learning).
What my jukebox still lacks (under construction) is linking components together.

Another addition could be after the memory box, where I add ‘something’  that expresses DEMONSTRATION.

Suggestions are welcomed 😉

Verzamel document

En dan hier een verzamel document, met daarin de koppeling van theorie.

Deze informatie zal ik gebruiken bij mijn aanvulling voor LA 5 en voor het eindproduct van LA2.

Als laatste nog Hattie lezen….

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